Sound & Light Rental

With modern advancements in Audio Visual technology, it is more important than ever to choose an AV partner that is on the leading edge of the technology curve. While we offer the most up-to-date and modern equipment available today, our main goal has always been to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction for our clients. We use world class cutting edge equipment like JBL, Danley sound labs , Shure microphone’s, Avid console’s, Trussing, full HD & short trow projectors to achieve precession.

We design with passion & experience for over a decade. Team work & dedication is our key to success. We have been an industry leader in event technology solutions, providing unparalleled service to our clients at Conventions, Trade Shows, Corporate Events & Live Bands. We are experienced in video conferencing & live streaming your event to an on line audience to increase the visibility of your event. A successful event happens with a lot of planning.

We use a cloud based inventory management software so our planning & scheduling material & manpower is precise. We don't just rent equipment we design sound & light for each venue by understanding the physics of sound & light