Fun Casino Games

  • Casino is a fun way to get all your guests together, Enjoy, & win Prizes & also learn the games.
  • Each game can hold 5 – 8 players at a time per table.
  • The games are best used before the start of an event where you can have the guests who come on time kept busy instead of waiting for the rest stuck in traffic to join in & also because the dealers are trying to teach the games & communicate the speakers aren't blaring with the DJ spinning tracks.
  • The games are open for a maximum of 3 hours, it gets monotonous post this 
  • Games offered in multiples if required :
    • 1.Black Jack
    • 2.Roulette
    • 3.Lucky Seven
    • 4.Derby
  •  download  a PDF version of the casino presentation here 
Cost per table 9,000 . minimum of 3 tables to be booked 
Rs. 9,000.00
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