QR based Registration

QR based Registration

It’s easy to keep the line moving no matter how big a party shows up. Check-in controls are designed for speed and ease of use, and can handle multiple plus-ones at a time.

  • Data Generation
  • Option One - Send us an excel with registration data from your own source ( Google Forms, Webpage, Other Sources )
  • Option Two - Use Eventbrite or Townscript as a host site to create an event & register attendees.
  • Eventbrite & Townscript are event hosting website where it allows you to create a custom event, send tickets or invites to the registered attendees. Eventbrite & Townscript allows you to add various custom fields to populate the questions specific to your event
  • Registering through Forms & sites simplifies the process of gathering data of the attendees.& issuing tickets post verification
  • Instantly print name badges for guests and their group on local wireless printers. No mistakes in guest info, no wasted time or paper on no-shows, and professional badges for every attendee.
  • Sending Tickets / Confirmation
  • We can help you send Invites from your mail ID with QR codes attached in the invite.
  • Option of adding attendees on the Event Day. (Spot Registration)
  • Sending out invites to respective email ID with unique QR code.
  • Before the event the accumulated data or eventbrite or Townscript login credentials to be shared with us .
  • Event Day
    • Attendee shows a copy of the ticket on his smart phone / Tablet / or brings along the printed Ticket with a QR code on it ( Printed paper not recommended ).
    • QR code scanned at the counter.
    • Badge printed on Spot.
    • Total time required for this less than 5 Seconds, Sticker strips are printed & auto cut by the Thermal printer.
    • All counters are networked no duplication possible.
  • Onsite Check-in & Registration for Conferences

    conferences are relatively easier to manage on the ground. The processes of preparation, checking in and printing of name badges are made seamless, providing a wonderful event experience for both attendees and organizers.

    What are the usual types of attendees that come for these conferences?

    • Delegates
    • Sponsors
    • Exhibitors
    • Speakers
    • VIPs

    On top of checking in pre-registered attendees, small conferences usually get a low number of walk-in registrations. These are easily handled by using ACTIV SOLUTIONS Onsite technology which requires minimal supervision. Walk-in attendees can also make use of the assisted counters to register without hassle.

  • QR Code Ticket Scanning
    • Activate the Kiosk Mode for ACTIV SOLUTIONS Onsite to scan the QR codes of e-tickets given to registered attendees. This way, attendees can check themselves in and freeing up your manpower to focus on a better event experience.
    • Should your pre-registered delegate still have outstanding payments, he or she can proceed to an assisted both that accepts onsite payment. This allows the attendee to clear their payment status and enter the event. After a payment has been received onsite, you can click on Receive payment on the web check-in page to complete the order. The order would now be updated to Completed, instead of Pending or Partial.
  • Manual search for check-in
    • if your delegates have forgotten their tickets, switch the ACTIV SOLUTIONS Onsite app to Manual Search mode, allowing you to quickly key in their personal details and search for their attendee profile to check them in. This resolves any downtime that might occur due to missing tickets.
    • Some of the default fields that you can search for are:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Contact Number
  • Pre-registered Attendees with QR Codes

    For attendees who registered beforehand and have QR code tickets on hand, they can take the self-serve approach to free up your manpower. The flow goes like this:

    • Attendees make their way to the designated badge collection area.
    • They scan their QR code tickets.
    • Their name badges get printed automatically after scanning.
    • They collect their name badges.
    • They can then help themselves to the plastic pouches and lanyards you have laid out for them at the lanyard collection point.
    • An alternative would be to have them collect the items directly from the event ambassadors.
  • Pre-registered Attendees with No QR Codes

    For attendees who registered beforehand and forgot their QR code tickets, they will need assistance from your event staff. How does the flow work for them?

    • They proceed to the designated assisted counters.
    • They prepare emails or documents that act as identity verification accepted by your company.
    • Their name badges are then printed upon successful registration.
    • They collect their name badges and lanyards before entering premises.
  • Onsite Registration

    What about visitors who stumble upon your small conference and want to attend?

    • Have your visitors proceed to either the designated assisted counters or onsite registration areas.
    • They will then register .
    • Their name badges get printed on the spot.
    • They then collect their name badges and lanyards before moving off to the event.